How to order

Do you want one of our wigs? It's easy!

You have to wait for the pre-order period is open or your order won't be into the list! 

Preorders are announced on the homepage of the shop and on the social network Twitter, follow the store account and you'll know all the news at the moment!

When we open the time of order, you just have to fill out the form below requesting a place on the list, indicating which type of wig you'd want to buy. For example:

"Hi! I want to order a standard fur wig and a requested one"

Please, don't put all the info about what you want when you ask for a place on the preorder, just tell me the total number of wigs and the type!

When the time of orders is closed, we'll check the email address and, in order, we'll select an amount of between 10-20 wigs. Attention! You can't formalize the order until we respond you to your mail, sending the form that you have to fill out in order to know all the info that we need for doing the wig.

If you haven't entered the preorder now, nothing happens! Your place can be saved for the next without problems! If you have any questions, please send a message using the form asking what you need!

Then, we check the stock of the materials and, if everything is fine, you proceed with the payment of the wig and the shipping cost. You can pay by Paypal (including the fees) or by bank transfer if you live in Spain. we'll show you your wig before sending it if it isn't a standard work.

You can choose the shipping method that you want, just ask!


You can send us your idea whenever you want. Then, we'll study how to do your hairstyle and we'll communicate to you which materials are better and the approximately price for your wig. If you agree, we'll do it in the next preorder of that material, so you'll have your placed saved.