Frequent Asked Questions!


º. How can I order a wig? Just wait the pre-order period and send me an email using this form!

º. How could I pay? You can pay via Paypal if you order internationally or with a bank transfer to "La Caixa" if you live in Spain! You have to pay before I make the wig.

º. I like one of your OOAKs/Custom wig. Could I order it? Sorry but, generally, I don't repeat OOAK special wigs. And requested works are designed by people who order the wig, so I can't re-do it without permission.

º. How long does it takes to do my wig? It depends on what place you have in the pre order and what kind of wigs have been ordered. Fur Wigs don't take more than two-three weeks, while custom wigs may take up to 5 months. I'm a student and I haven't got unlimited time!

º. What are the shipping options? I'll offer to you many ways, from Standard Airmail (international) or Certificate Letter (Spain) to EMS or a private carrier company. In your invoice, the price is for the cheapest.


º. Are there "In Stock" wigs? Yes, visit the "In stock" section.

º. Not all standard sized heads have the same measure, is there some form for special sizes? I do every wig with the measures of your doll. I have a lot of heads at home and I do every wig with the one who has more similar measures.

º. Do you have long fur / mohair / alpaca hair? I just can do the wig as long as the hair is. If you need a particular hair, I'll try to find what you want!

º. If I want a wig design that I don't find anywhere and I send you a picture, could you create it for me? And that would be unique or you add it to your designs? Yes, you can send me a request with the form with drawings and I'll study how to do it. It would be unique unless you let me sell it as a regular model, because is YOUR design~

º. What sizes do you work with? I have from Iplehouse EIDs heads to Pukipuki heads (qith special prices) for the measures, so I can do any size! Some kinds of wig would be more difficult for small sizes, but I'm always trying to improve!

º. I want a specific hairstyle for my fur wig but I don't know how to do it. Could you do it? Of course, you just have to write what you want and add 5USD to the regular price.

º. After a long time, my dreadlocks wig has lost the hairstyle. What could I do? It's easy, you can send me an e-mail and I'll tell you how to fix it or you can send me the wig and I'll repair it (you just have to pay both shipping!)

º. Why are Mohair wigs such expensive? I don't use sheep, goat or synthetic mohair, I use Alpaca or Angora hair and the materials' costs are really high. The quality of those fibers are better than other mohair.

º. Why is the wigcap of my fiber wig that "soft"? All our wigs are handmade. All the process is handmade, so it can be little differences between our wigs and other wigs made in factories.